Saturday, September 2

Haha today was so super duper fun!2nd time gg RSAF Open House 06 after yest..haha.Met MISS LOU YANG and KAIFONG at toa payoh to take bus 90 crowded la!Took super long to travel along Airport Rd..den finally reached!Tried to call Trix n dat was when I realized my phone spoil momentarily in I call pple n either dey cant hear me or I cant hear dem. ><>

When we reached e pipers,nobody was dere,let alone her Tan SK.She was OBVIOUSLY upset thank u v much,launching a series of screaming attacks on me n kf.OH GOD.WAT HV I DONE TO DESERVE DIS?!Den we just walked away n did dunno wat..finally deciding to go to e place where dey hv all e booths.Trix told us to get lucky draw tix for Chinook joyride,so we did,or rather Lou Yang alone did coz she's born in 1988 n can pass off as 18.Kf n I only 17!Thou technically I'm 16 coz my bdae haven come yet :p Coz below 18 must get parent or legal guardian sign!AHHH!Quickly called Darren to save us,but he was AT HOME n suggested I call Keith instead.But den e queue was so super looong so aiya nvm la.SAD CAN.Haha.Den called trix when we were at SYFC booth dere..who said she at SYFC booth oso!So funny la when I finally spotted

Went to eat lunch aft buying souveniers.met Riana n Shek KY(I tink)at e souvenier booth.Den met victor at e place we ate lunch.Super full la.Haha.

So we cont walking w no particular aim in mind when Lou Yang insisted we go look for Tan SK agn..haiii!Ok la but dis time finally paid off..Lou Yang n Trix walking in front me n kf behind..suddenly I saw a familiar looking person..den I told kf I tink dat's Tan SK.N Lou Yang came running back to prove me rite.Haha.Tan SK looked shocked to c Lou Yang..sth like de witt's expression when he saw me n Eujinn den Lou Yang started shrieking agn when Tan SK said ok to her photo request.MY EARS.OWW.Nid to buy insurance.:p we helped dem take photo..Lou Yang wants pple to note:Tan SK held her waist ya la ya la!!Haha..den happened to c de witt oso so take photo w him oso loh witt lame as god..haha.Den Lou Yang told Tan SK we lack parents' or guardian's presence to help us sign joyride indemnity form if we win it,den Tan SK was like 'Aiya!Got so many daddies here,I'm like Daddy Daniel den he(pointing to de witt) Daddy Dennis loh..we all can sign wat..'haha I nv knew Tan SK was so lame oso..pilots r so lame lol..but den!We could hv asked dem to sign rite!Alamak so dumb!CHINOOK LEH.ARGH

Aft taking photos,Lou Yang was so freaking happy..Trix n I couldn't take it we ran away Xp lol.Wanted to do sth constructive like take photos w a/c n asking more abt it but den e queues so looong compared to yest.So we just anyhw take w a/c like f16s,f5s n stuff.Haha.

Went back SYFC booth den c e pple dere.Recruitment Office pple gave us water to drink!Yay!But somehw e more we drank e thristier we got..must ask her nxt time wat she put in e water haha..den she laugh at us when we told her we didn't tink of asking Tan SK or de witt or Siva or Adrian Liew to help us sign indemnity forms..ARGH!haha..she shooed us to e other booths to collect free gifts,n since de witt said boeing dey all give free caps we went..where we saw de witt agn.Haha so Lou Yang concluded dat Tan SK shld b somewhere near..but spotted Adrian Liew instead.He din seem to recognize us coz he rarely goes SYFC nowadays,so he looked super happy 4 girls asked to take photo w him.Ahahaha.We devised a plan alr but shall nt reveal it nw:p Den we walked back to SYFC booth to take grp photo w Tan SK haha..

So left Siva!Walked ard looking for him but still cant find him aiya.Den e FSC queue was so long we gave up..heng ah I went yest!Hahas..Soon it was home sweet home!

Today reli rocked!Apart frm Lou Yang's screaming ><

amanda @ 9/02/2006 05:03:00 PM

Friday, August 4


Ok.I never knew how it would feel like to get phased out b4,and obviously I would rather not find out at all.But den fate stepped in.03/08/06 18.00PM was the defining moment between in or out.Unfortunately, it had to be the latter.Another red line would surface on the 143yfc board,dis time belonging to a certain ONG JM.

Honestly,I nv saw it coming.Having gone thru 2 s8 dncos and finally my s8 dco with Siva in which I got a 5,I thot dat I would be able to carry on.I was snl,cnd,turning properly.Or so I thot.Everything went well in the buildup to my last sortie yest.I just flew my s9 dnco on Tues,which went rather nicely.I even did my 1st,and wat turned out to be among the last,landing.I thot my s9 yest would go smoothly,and I can quickly go on to s10 and den phase 2,since I was alr lagging behind my remaining coursemates due to my relatively large amts of dnco flights as compared to dem.

So.I arrived at SYFC ard 15.40PM not knowing dat my day would turn out like how it did.Met some 145 pple in Ops Room,2girls and a guy.Den the guy said sth like 'Ooh u're frm 143?u are one of the lucky few in 143 to be still here!'Den I was like 'Huh?'Den he cont,'So u are flying s9 today?So gd,I wish I can last till s9..dat means u not phased out la?'Wow.Dat reli got me.And god noes how right he was.He was SPOT ON.Well,talked to the gals too since I'm so frenly haha.1 of dem's my aeromodelling fren frm SYFC Open Unit 2004/05.Den the other's an Adrian Liew student frm CJC.Dey were dere to prac aircraft checks.Haha.How long ago was dat for me?Nostalgia.I rem those days when 143 was still intact,the bunch of us would go prac a/c checks even if it's for fun or an excuse to stay tgt longer.Like lou yang and I alw doing stupid things,singing stupid songs with their meanings only known to 143(hey guys,rem:oh my pretty pretty ***),basically crapping and fooling ard b4 heading down for prata :) I even competed with lifeng on who can get the most no of our names on dat a/c checks bk.(I won by 1!Thx to Sean alw pulling me down to do checks with him haha)Oh den doing cai.I rem 143 girls the most hardwking loh.Alw stay behind even thou mass brief over..haha.Den heading somewhere to eat eat eat nv thot of getting phased out till the morn of my s6 with willie chow.coz jonah was flying the same wave as me-thurs 1st wave.yes dat same morn jonah got phased out,ok completed phase 1 if u tink it sounds beta,the 1st 143 person to say gdbye.It was so shocking.I din get to speak to Jonah myself,coz when I landed it was alr VERY late.I was in willie chow's rm midway for my debrief when he had to ans a call.So I started looking ard his rm till I looked outside since his door was open.I saw trixie who was flying 2nd wave,den she mouthed the words 'Jonah out' to me.I was utterly shocked.coz I alw thot Jonah would make it.Haiiii.

Anw back to yest.So i spent time in the locker rm reading SOP.In particular recovery frm bravo.coz dewitt was gone for a mth,den fly with Siva sure go alpha one in a way I was familiar with alpha not bravo.Oh well..1630PM went looking for dewitt in his rm,den the usual:go check a/c loh.I shld hv noticed the premonition la.Somehow I was feeling weird when I walked out to Oscar Golf.I've nv felt dat way b4.hmm.Den bad things just came 1 by 1..somehow the carburettor ice detector was on when I started the engine when I'm 100% sure it was off during prestart checks..Den somehow I forgot dat I was alr at comm 1.god **** it.129.00 for skylark ops.121.60 for seletar grd.118.45 for seletar tower.127.7 for approach.ARGH.wth was wrong with me?!So everything was relatively ok in bravo.Standard stall recovery blah blah and he even showed me stalling with power and flaps which he said were for my NXT SORTIE.which will nv ever ever ever come.Ok.I noe my problem.RECOVERYYYYYY.RETENTIONNNNNN.I dunno y but it was just screwed.Yep it's dat fateful overhead pt.I rem v clearly Siva said instructors ll take over ctrl at overhead.Oh yeah right.Dat just effectively sealed my exit.So aft we landed,he said 'Today shall be ur last sortie."when we taxy back.My mind just went blank.4mths of hard wk,effort,time and hope.Yet it was time to say GOODBYE.

So farewell SYFC,u've bin a part of me for qt long,since I joined in 2004-aeromodelling,Open Unit den 143yfc.I've bin in SYFC for ard 1yr 8mths.It has bin fun.I reli wanna thank my coursemates frm 143,other frens frm 144, mentors Darren and Keith for entertaining my smses :),instructors who took us for mass briefs,and esp instructors who took me flying-dewitt(s1,s2,s3,s5dnco and s5 dco,s7,s9dnco and s9dco),mickey liew(s4),ho ck(s5 cx wx),willie chow(s6)and siva(2 s8 dncos and s8 dco),esp my pri instructor Skylark 94 :) Thank you so much for all dat u hv done for me,abt flying and other stuff.Thx for coming down to vj dat day and helping me with my project wk.And oso entertaining my smses and being such a fun person to fly with.Haha.Thank you Uncle Ali and co-all syfc security guards and recruitment office pple who crapped with me b4 and comforted me yest.Thank you all aeromodelling personnel who taught me how to fly model planes-Mr. Lam Hock Soon,Mr. Philip Wong,Mr. Beber etc.Thank you all my frens who called or smsed me yest to console me esp MISS LOU YANG-just 20s aft i msged u u call alr lol.I was so touched i nearly cried right dere in the locker rm leh!Thx eujinn,jon,lifeng,trix,huijuen,shannon,serena frm 143 whom I decided to stop smsing at if not my phone bill ll be sooo wonderful lol(note:i din msg heng xk haha) and oso all my other gd frens esp steffi and joli for bothering to call me and listening to me trying to get over being phased out.Talking to u all made me eat dinner at 11plus but haha it was so worth it.I din reli cry much k!Just a bit on the bus home..I'm brave! :D oh yeah v impt:thank you mummy and daddy and bro Kenji.To all the above I LOVE U SO MUCH!I'M SO BLESSED TO HV MET U ALL IN MY LIFE!I LL NOT GIVE UP AVIATION AS A RESULT K!GD LUCK TO THOSE STILL IN FLYING-143,I HOPE I'M THE LAST FRM 143 TO GET PHASED OUT.muacks.oh 143 rem our national day outing k!I miss u all so much.And trixie has alr declared how much she misses me.Of course la!haha..huijuen i look forward to ur icecream treat!

Well dis is esp for dewitt skylark 94.Thanks for being my instructor in my 1st and last sortie.Thank you for teaching me takeoff and landing!I ll listen to u and take care of myself,studying hard for my alevels.When I get 4As i ll tell u!haha..1 of my regrets is not being able to fly with u anymore..but at least I flew 8 flights with u including I'm satisfied :) u're welcome to visit vj agn if u like!haha..must invite eujinn and I to ur drama play!And yes u shld pick up fencing it rocks!haha u take care loads too sir.Rock on Skylark 94!!!

A door has closed.But only for now.I promise I ll be back.PPL i ll get u b4 I die.To die w/o regrets.Ciao!

amanda @ 8/04/2006 05:48:00 PM

Tuesday, July 18

hey.ok.since so many pple have been commenting how dead my blog is,i shall update now since i'm in a relatively gd mood.heh.

ok a certain MISS LOU YANG wants me to mention her name.oh n tell u e origin of y she loves being called MISS LOU YANG.all because her TAN SK loves to call her dat.her flying instructor.hai.seriously i tink she's overly obsessed with him.den like him but dun tok more with him.aiya u tok more on ur nxt flight la JIA YOU.

oh yeah my instructor's back!dewitt's back!haha..sun i supposed to fly s8 with siva den who noes dnco.but might as well.dun tink i flew v well dat day at all la.coz just recovered frm my infamous 39.7degrees fever.n battling even now to regain my voice which my fencing coach was happily commenting abt in training yest.grr.wth la!

oh den dewitt's coming to vj on fri to get interviewed by sean n i for our project wk.haha n he ll shun bian get his mask frm eujinn whom i tink rejoined kayaking.did he?haha..saw him yest running w e kayak guys den saw jonathan too so must be la.

no fencing training for 2wks since coach gg hk!haha more flying time for me!but dat is if i get to phase 2 la..oh no..

oh ya i got 2nd in cls for gp!a minor consolation for my hopeless mid yr grades.haii.must pia for promos alr. :(

so..national day hol wk seems fun!gg to meet up w st nicks pple agn to play soccer!haven seen dem in like sooo long i miss dem so much!!!BUFC ROCKS!den mayb 143yfc girls gg watch planes on national day.or mayb gg cls outing!eat steamboat yum!!!go chalet!oh ya.must go training.haha

aiya so now MISS LOU YANG is bugging me w wat to write.n she typed dis:

"then 142 only left 2 people. one of them is a fellow dewitter who is now in ppl, flying sortie 21 tomorrow. 143 now left half the original, so it's about 13 of us. and they've reduced the intake of students to 22 per course for 145. sigh, this is freaking scary. hope that 143 gals can stay on. "

well dat was supposed to be in my context.haha.anw.i still got only half my voice back.sigh.dis sucks.cant tok,my fav hobby!haii.hope i recover in time for my nxt sortie.if nt..rt can just get a 1 alr.

tmr track n field finals.GO ST NICKS GO VJ!haha.

meeting lifeng tmr :) hope dis wk continues to rock.

amanda @ 7/18/2006 06:36:00 PM

Thursday, June 1

ooh agn i neglected my blog for too long!sorry eh bz flying sia!oh god i love flying!
syfc brings me lots of memories lots of frens..nice pple frm 141,142,144 and of course 143yfc da best!oops biased view.caring mentors funny instructors interesting flight experiences nice security guards technicians syfc stuff..ooh.nice cafe auntie who sold food to starving me and huijuen for discounted price to hangar prac aircraft checks calling pple at nite prac radio calls..oh hell of an experience!

and louyang's e vvv lame one.alw make me laugh den i share w trixie n lifeng dey laugh like hell.jon,eujinn and caspar fellow de witt students!=p msn convos r now filled w flying..haha.

i pray i can get to ppl coz i cant imagine my life w/o flying now.every1 i guess.haha dunno y im typing all these lol.

btw my 5th sortie on tues did not complete due weather!i took off went to bravo den argh..had to land!den today my flying wave cancel coz lightning risk cat1!ahh my sortie 5 jinxed lol.n today got golden chance to fly w chief flying instructor but my stupid wave cancel!v funny eh i walked towards oscar lima den cat1 came on i sian-ly walk back go ops rm wait till adrian liew cancelled e wave!ahhh i want my sortie!!!!

den my daddy say its a sign to start revising for mid i studied loh lol.

got flight brief on sat!haha hope can get my sortie 5 finally on sat!!!!!!argh i ll be so pissed if weather suck agn!

143 yfc rocks!!!

amanda @ 6/01/2006 09:52:00 PM

Monday, February 13

hey blog dead blog dead.haven updated in a looOooOooong time!but nevertheless now i update le so pls tag ok!

life in vjc rules!so fun sia!haha..everyone noes i'm pro vj now hor!

btw fri was 'o's results release!i got a1 for both eng and higher chi sososo shocked can muahaha!considering dat both kf and i felt we screwed up oral BIG TIME!hahas..oh so now tinking of hc or stay in vj..but most prob i'm staying coz vj boleh!and kf pls come vj la!!!!

wed's my flying interview!and rachel has conveniently chosen to abandon me for hc x-ctry..sigh.i've to go on my own la!nvm!to be a pilot..yeah!ok v hyper now oso dunno why!mayb coz of md's ai qing mo fa shi yest premiere in tw le!hope can d/l soon sia!looks chao nice de!

pool won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yay!hahas.

v' day tmr!owen and ming dao,i love you!!!!!(infatuation)

amanda @ 2/13/2006 01:06:00 PM

Friday, January 13

dis wk was lessons lessons lessons!act lectures can be qt fun.but i still hate physics.and math still rocks!haha although i've known my class for only a few days,i tink dey all rock!got md fan among dem oso..and we love to crap!06S47 RULES!!!!

wed i went for vj girls' soccer trials..whoa SO MANY pple went la.scary.dunno i can get in a not.sigh.i miss flying!

oh and me being the boliao me signed up to represent my hse-AQUILA! in vj inter-hse soccer tournament..haha.den 2 of my classmates gg oso!got 6 hses and dey say ll give medals!hopefully top3 ll all hv medals coz i want..ok c i'm v my st nicks jrs i noe i promised to go back but i need to mug!if not my mid yr exams ll all fail except prob math.

os results out soon!i'm soooooo scared can.

amanda @ 1/13/2006 05:38:00 PM

Saturday, January 7

hey i noe i vv long nv update le but den agn i've been thinking of starting a new blog with mich! got into VJC!VJ BOLEH VJ BOLEH!!i'm super high now!went to suntec yest nite for vj mass dance den become crazy!i love my og!ICIS!!!!!!!

muahaha!oh update on 183club stuff.wzbqw gai ban(agn)ost available dis mth!got extra stuff!some md+qe and sw+xq thingy!!oh rem to buy 183's album when it comes out ltr dis mth!and ai qing mo fa shi ll start showing on 12/02 in tw!sg faster buy!!!!!MATTHEW! slack now coz no lessons yet.waited 3 hours to dye my hair black agn!so now got nth nice to watch and my owen's injured.haiz.

amanda @ 1/07/2006 08:38:00 PM

Thursday, November 24

heh sooo long nv update le.a bit slow but..



and wang zi bian qing wa rocks.esp MATTHEW(MING DAO)!bought his bk eh sooo nice.

psle results released bro got 268 now thinking of hc or r.he 2nd in level eh me 6marks frm my own psle.malu least i beat him in higher chi!he only got merit but i got dist!muahaha.anw it's a fact he beat me in psle.shit.hahas.

so feeling malu i went to watch wzbqw to cheer myself up.dangou of course nv fails to do so.

and applied jc for 1st 3 mths!or rather 1 and a half mths.VJC!but i hv a strong feeling i ll leave aft os..depends on results la

yeah.dye hair tmr!gotta go exercise to cure my flu.

and my private pilot's liscence application the joyride so fun!saw VJC AND HCI FROM THE SKY!

and i met my last time joyride w steffi dat pilot.too bad he nt my pilot dis new pilot only did tight turn and wing over turn.he nv do freefall(or correct technical term:hammerhead:hey steffi take note)!so funny when i heard it's proper name coz hammerhead is well..

anw.just finish d/l wzbqw soundtracks!rawk sia la.still reading md's bk.still tink matthew sounds rather dumb but MATT is a diff story.MATT LIN MINGDAO!

even nana and joli toh whom i alw hv diff taste w agree md's so shuai!and 9 out of 10 pple i noe tink dat way.shows how shuai md is!my 4th idol aft owen,ron ng and ren quan!all hottie cuties!haha

yeah pool advance to champs league last 16 w er..stupid chelsea.i wanted it to get kicked out!i hate the blues more den man utd now.argh.and y dey sack ah roy keane!my fav man utd player!sighh.footballing world now siao liao la.

and peter crouch still cant score!so sad la.faster score for us dude!like cisse damn gd scorer!LIVERPOOL RAWK!

boos la.infatuation w md.ahh keep ranting on abt him.realized pae results out in e middle of my hol!shit.VJ AH!anw i most prob leaving aft 1st pathetic 1 and a half mths.go w my bro!he go r i go r.he go hc i go hc.haha.coz got free transportation from his fren's mom.yeah.

ok la stop crapping la bye!md rox and dominates my dreams!

amanda @ 11/24/2005 10:28:00 PM

Sunday, October 23

I grab my bag and head out of the house.

I chase after bus 90 at Toa Payoh bus interchange.

I finally reach ST Medical Services after missing the darn busstop TWICE.

And then...
My first step to becoming a pilot drew nearer and nearer.Even nearer.
THE medical.

The clerk got me to fill in dis rather loooooong form abt my medical history blah blah blah.I was sooo proud to be called one of the PILOTS.hahas.and it doesn't deflate ur ego when u see ur name nxt to Student/Private Pilot and CAAS(Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore).I was so nervous coz the envt was reli scaryyyyyy.

I finally completed the form and obtained a layout of the place with the 5 stations I had to visit highlighted.Whoa was reli scared now.Dunno why oso.Must do it to be a pilot!

1st stop.X-ray.As Rachel said,it is vvv cool.And fast.Was out of the rm within secs.Yay!
2nd stop.Urine test.Oh crap.The bottle dey gave was soooo huge and I was supposed to fill half of for the details of the process,well.u ought to noe.
3rd stop.Eyesight.Oh yes the most impt part of the medical.Tested for colour-blindness 1st.And I got full marks for the test la!So she went on to inspect my glasses and got dat same routine eye checks.
4th stop.Biodata.Saw 2 other potential pilots in the rm.As I stepped in dis guy was coming out.And I only found out ltr he MIGHT be kf's fren.Oh well.So the other one was a long-haired girl.She's vvv shy loh.Anw dey checked ht(I grew!)and wt(but I gained:<)and measure the leg and arm and all sorts of funny stuff!Den I went into dis little corner to check more stuff.Den must go topless eh.heh heh.And she did the same thing in Triumph in the skies!Applied the gel thing and check heartbeat I tink.Hahas.So fun!
5th stop.Audio.By now I'm sure u can tell I'm loving the med a lot.Whoa so fun.And the audio doc was sooo nice.Looks A LOT like my family doc can!So friendly and stuff.And she put my fears to rest when she was reading out my other med reports to herself.Saying eyesight ok everything ok.Which means I passed the med la!YAY!

So the last 2 hurdles are joyride and interview.And joyride I went b4 alr shld not be a problem..and interview anything la.Just be my usual self and crap la!Yes!Fly!

Oh speaking of flying,I'm not going Korea and Shanghai le.I'm going Japan and Europe I tink.Yay!Even beta rite!Hahas.

I just CAN'T WAIT for 'o's to end!

amanda @ 10/23/2005 09:19:00 PM

Saturday, October 15

blog dead.


missed open house.



where were u when i needed u most?!

wat i'm doing now.

drinking red wine.looking at physics cd rom.admiring my new cool jacket with pilot badge!.doing math.listening to 987.reading cleo.taking panadol.

oh i just wanna slp!

wake me up when o levels end~

amanda @ 10/15/2005 06:12:00 PM

Saturday, October 8

hey act i hv nth to say.

only dat owen,ron ng and ren quan rocks. shocked dat loads of pple love ren quan too.must be because of chi zi cheng long.

act b4 da show was aired i thot it looked stupid.
that is,until i watched it.
many pple in 4c and the rest of sg love it!
and ren quan.i noe of guys who like him too!
i never thot china actors could look THIS good.
oh man.
YET ANOTHER guy celebrity i like.
show's ending on mon.
lisha's buying da vcd as my belated bdae prezzie!muacks.
now cant wait for ren quan's show with ruby lin!
and triumph in the skies 2.filming starts nxt jan with jessica hsuan joining the cast!
applying for ppl dis wkend.wish me luck!
and england vs austria tonight.
go owen i love you.
no matter wat owen,u'll alw be my no.1 love.
now and forever.

amanda @ 10/08/2005 08:09:00 PM

Monday, September 26

last day of prelims!muahaha!

anyway it alr felt dat way last fri.oh last fri-wat a memorable day spent with my beloved kf and anita.watching none other than triumph in the skies and getting them anita is now in love with francis ng,ron ng and joe ma.kf thou dos not reli like joe and prefers ron instead..well not dat i'll complain..anw i reli admire their tv watching abilities..which are like mine!watch ultra fast which is a very gd thing..

and sat!!!my pak-tor day with yao yao(jiayi) and yao ling(mich).kf decided to stay home for triumph though and anita too!kept bugging me with a constant stream of smses.anw i was in town with yao yao and yao ling.went far east 1st and stupid yao ling kept abandoning me and yao yao for earrings to anger we happily walked away from the shop to look for belts for me and jeans for yao yao.den ling yao finally called us to ask where we were!grr!!!

so we went to source for belts for me and i finally found 2!couldn't decide which one so i bought both lo.yao ling is jealous as each only cost $7.90!!!hahas den the greedy yao yao splashed alm all her money on jeans and mini skirt..

yay i oso bought a very nice jeans jacket!stupid yao ling(again haha)say i'm an impulsive buyer.i'm not loh.the jacket and belts are so nice dat u love dem too.and anyway yao ling and ling jiu,thx for my belated bdae prezzie!ill wear ok!

p.s.i'm not optical fibre!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stop laughing serene!u owe me vodka!going drinking today!!!

amanda @ 9/26/2005 11:08:00 AM

Thursday, September 22

whoopy!2nd wk of prelims gone liao and alm over!plus,today's my sweet 16th bdae!!!

ha..recap on dis wk's ups and downs..

mon:bio!ok comment.

tues:chem prac!it's the first time i actually love chem prac.hmmm.

wed:em paper 2!ha didn't study for it but it was rather easy anw..

thurs(today):as the bdae gal i've all the luck!physics surprisingly rocked!

muahaha only left bio prac and em paper1 which require limited studying!slacking now!!

but tues's not a hol!can't go sentosa with kf and company!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

amanda @ 9/22/2005 03:37:00 PM

whoopy!2nd wk of prelims gone liao and alm over!plus,today's my sweet 16th bdae!!!

ha..recap on dis wk's ups and downs..

mon:bio!ok comment.

tues:chem prac!it's the first time i actually love chem prac.hmmm.

wed:em paper 2!ha didn't study for it but it was rather easy anw..

thurs(today):as the bdae gal i've all the luck!physics surprisingly rocked!

muahaha only left bio prac and em paper1 which require limited studying!slacking now!!

but tues's not a hol!can't go sentosa with kf and company!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

amanda @ 9/22/2005 03:37:00 PM

Friday, September 16

Phew!one week of prelims gone alr!

Come to think of it,I think dat prelims is qt fun.I noe u may think I'm crazy,but I reli think so!!!!!!!!

So..last term's english and higher chinese was..ok loh.I particularly loved compo!Wrote 8 pages for chi compo and loved it!

Den dis wk's.History was ok and AM WAS EASY!!!!!!!!So proud of myself I finished in 45min and managed to do the paper twice!And in btw my calculator failed me for 10 min.Argh.Nothing is perfect.

Tues came.Chem.I think I made a few mistakes in paper one but I thot paper two was ok.Den wed..lit!Ha..the people I predicted came out!Yay Feste and his entire 'come away come away death' song!Yesterday was dat physics prac.Argh I reli hate physice.The light expt was easy though but the pendulum..

Oh wat thriftless sighs shall poor Amanda breathe!

And today.AM paper 2.It was harder than paper one,but I still totally loved it!!!YAY!!!!!!!Dun u just love my lover,AM?!To bad no log though,my fav chpt!Den ss.Whoa predict qns correctly again!Surprisingly I had a lot of time to write.So carefully planned my sbq lest tsw says it's messy again.

So it ends off the eventful 1st wk of prelims!


amanda @ 9/16/2005 09:13:00 PM

Tuesday, September 6

Hey u all prob would hv heard of my owen going newcastle alr rite?!I'm soooo sad but at least he will be valued at Tyneside ya?It's owen 10 once again!

Woo it's prelims nxt wk!Yay!And the flat above mine doing renovations all day is a big bonus!Oh wth!

And to junior who's prob suffering frm dengue acc to her doc:rest well!

amanda @ 9/06/2005 05:50:00 PM

Friday, August 19

This entry will not look,sound,taste or feel like previous entries.

Be warned.

A new me has emerged.A darker me.


I am depressed.

Something is wrong with me,I know it but I just can't say wat.

I'm not as cheery as before,and if you don't think so,I'm only acting.

'O' levels have changed me in many ways.



Stop ignoring me,those who have been.I'm not overly sensitive,but it's so obvious other people have started to probe further.

A reason why I want to get on with my life-to JC that is,to leave my old shadow behind.

Oh please.

Wake me up when Sec 4 year ends.

amanda @ 8/19/2005 09:47:00 PM

Saturday, August 13

The day has arrived!13 August 2005.

EPL Season 2005/06 starts today!!

Hahas dis season starts with a bang!Although I'm an ABU(anything but(man)utd) supporter, I can't help feeling elated at the 1st result of dis season!Everton 0 Man Utd 2 at Goodison Park!Yes!As a pool fan and a natural anti-everton I'm vvv happy!

Woo!Benitez has just expressed his desire to bring my Owen back to Liverpool!Said he needs an offer for baros 1st den can buy him.Hmmm..come back owen!!

Whahaha I'm reli v excited now!The pool-boro game's coming soon!Go pool!And Cisse said we ll win dis season!

Ok too high le.Gotta go study the numerous tests we hv as o-levellers.


amanda @ 8/13/2005 09:47:00 PM

Friday, July 22

(left) Owen as a golfer!He's pro!

Signs of trouble ahead.

Mock exams.Prelims.

Sigh.Oh well.

I'm addicted to Harry Potter again.The seemingly 'charming' 16-yr-old wizard who is now called THE SPECIAL/CHOSEN ONE.At least book 6 takes my mind off some things.But not much with only 607 pgs.So...Dumbledore died.Harry got tgt with Ginny,Ron with Hermione.Rather expected though,although I would hv preferred Harry+Hermione.And Lupin with Tonks!So cute.I like Lupin!

The new soccer season's ard the corner..with Liverpool having alr started their new campaign with nothing but wins!Champions League 1st rd qualifier vs TNS ended 3-0 with a Stevie G hattrick!To be honest I was surprised he didn't go to Chelsea.But I'm glad he stayed.So friendlies ended in 4-3 and 3-0 wins!And 2nd leg was 3-0 agn.Pool just rox!

Of course so many players hv arrived at Anfield.Peter Crouch!So sad Owen din return!!But Pool's looking gd all the same..And Luis Garcia finally cut his hair!He looks so spanishly shuai!Hope Kewell ll cut his spiked hair back.Den Pool will hv more shuai ges now dat ever cute Bis-ky(my IGOR BISCAN)is gone.

Sigh.Dis is boring.Till aft my dreaded prelim orals nxt wk-bye!

amanda @ 7/22/2005 09:41:00 PM

Sunday, July 3

Dis wk was so happening with Jubilate II and the MILK Run!!!Muahaha!

But first the sad(or rather happy) news...
Ahhh can u sense my disappoiontment?But ok la I'm happy for him too!How many pple ll actually marry their childhood sweethearts?And he did!So sweet.Somemore Gemma's sooo cute.Hope dey plan to hv more little owens soon!

Oh yes Jubilate!I alm din get to c it until my junior came to the rescue!Hahas.Anw it was reli nice and I enjoyed the ELDDS drama the most I guess.But the other performances rocked too!Yes Sylvia I saw u!

Den Fri went Orchard to get my gown!It's blue my fav colour because I just dun like a white gown.Or pink.Or PURPLE,the 'SPECIAL' one.Oso managed to get my bag and shoes in one go!

Thrashed my bro in racing in xbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yipee!!!!!!!Ice racing rocks!

Ooh den today.Milk Run.It was qt boring lo the bazaar was like sooo small.But we slacked ard and took photos.Den we(jiawei,sutyee,annabel,sylvia,siyun,jennyline and i)went Great World City to pass time but den we were forced to go back to the bazaar!!

Soon,the run started.Or rather.The MILK Walk.Or the MILK Stroll.Dere wasn't space to move!!Everyone was just like thousands of not so tiny ants trying to get forward.Talk abt the great leap forward.Mao!!

Ok dis is so random.

Anw we continued walking for the 5.3km.But I liked walking thou.I managed to get back my tan I guess!!!YAY!!!!!

Conclusion:I like MILK Run coz of THE RETURN OF THE TAN!

Ok dis is reli very lame and random.Post-history syndrome mah.Coupled with being too sleepy.Cya!

PS. Hope GOODLOOK gel wks.Liwei ll noe wat i'm talkig abt.

amanda @ 7/03/2005 11:34:00 PM

Wednesday, June 22

I love Dai Ha!!!

Finally bought my King of Yesterday and Tomorrow vcd!Can watch it in canto!Omg kww's voice is sooo sexy hahas.

CCA is ending soon!Normally I 'll be very happy,but aft spending time with my beloved mm grp,I reli can't bear to leave!All my juniors u all beta buy me a nice farewell gift ok!Especially my 'daughter'!

sammi.jiaxin.yanjun.jamie.yinghui.celine.naiying.and everyone else in mm except u noe who.

MM rocks!betsy rules!THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

ps. jamie y u drop betsy AGN?!!!

amanda @ 6/22/2005 07:51:00 PM

Monday, June 13

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!Look at how shuai OWEN has become!1000000000000000000000000 times beta than a certain DB!Don't you all agree?Look at Owen and Gemma at the races!!!!

amanda @ 6/13/2005 10:04:00 PM

Saturday, May 28

Behold the new Kings of Europe!The Mighty Reds!Liverpudlians from the red half of Mersyside!


U must reli kick urself if u missed dis one.A total of 6 breathtaking goals,with a first half dominated by (unfortunately)a.c. milan.The team with the superstars,world cup winning Brazil captain Cafu and Dida,not forgetting Kaka,Serginho and the supposedly cute but I find him v irritating reigning European Footballer of The Yr Shevchenko.Liverpool were (I admit)out-classed in the first half,starting with milan capt Maldini's 1st min strike,den Crespo added 2 more before the break.My heart Broke oso.My daddy was laughing,asking me to go to slp.Of course not!And luckily I didn't,for the best comeback in the world was abt to happen.

Aft 45min,milan 3 pool 0.Sad faces of the fans were everywhere.I fell asleep during half-time,praying dat a miracle will happen.I told dat to steffi,and boy did in happen!In style.

In those 6min of madness Pool turned the tide ard,Stevie G,the ever reliable Stevie,scored with his head.Den Smicer and finally Stevie wins Pool a penalty and Alonso takes it,misses but puts in the rebound!It's milan 3 pool 3 at the 60th min!!so on it was to extra time,when Dudek somehow did a double save to deny Shevchenko!So on to penalties it was!I realized dat all cup finals I watched has penalty shootouts..sigh.

So Serginho steps forward to face Dudek.He misses!I muttered 'Yes!' under by breath.Den Hamann.Scores!Den some blur-looking milan player.Dudek saves!Cisse scores!Pool 2 milan 0!Den Riise!Omg my darling missed!Den Kaka.Of course he scored.2-2!So now Smicer who scores!Den Shevchenko.Yes he needs to score to keep milan in it.Yet Dudek saved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


amanda @ 5/28/2005 05:29:00 PM

Sunday, May 8

Wow.I suddenly realized I haven't updated in a long while.Well,perhaps I was too occupied with Sports' Day,micromouse and all.But now I finally hv the time for my blog.

Liverpool.If u haven't alr heard abt wat happened to them,u're probably living in the North pole.Yes.A UEFA Champions' League Final place in Istanbul for 90min battle with the likes of AC Milan.The Reds beat Juventus-joint top team in Italy and Chelsea-top team in the EPL for this.Well done Pool.Yet this is still an understatement.

Luis Garcia.Worthy successor to the famous no.10 red shirt since Michael Owen.Scored fabulous goals against Juve and the Blues(no matter crossed the line or nt).

Jamie Carragher.Surprise surprise.People DO grow up.Formerly an outcast everywhere despite once being England's U-21 captain,he is now Man-of-the-match for alm every Champions' League game for Pool.

Sami Hyypia.Old as he is,he is still THE pillar of the Reds' growing-to-be-mighty defence.No wonder he was ex-captain of Pool.

Dietmar Hamann.Ageing German horse,they call him.So wat?I love horses.

Harry Kewell.Trying to blend in with the Spanish Revolution in Liverpool it seems.Wat's with his flat Garcia hair when he had great spikes b4?!Classic eg of the reverse of the ugly duckiling and the swan.

Xabi Alonso.I just LOVE him.He will score a goal in the final.Just do it.

Steven Gerrard.Who can forget the captain of this wonderful club?Now that Chelsea are out and Pool still in,it seems he wants to stay in his hometown club.Hooray!

So..anyone wanna bet with me on the final?Pool's biggest game of the season?Benitez has bet with his wife on a watch.Would u do the same?

amanda @ 5/08/2005 07:42:00 PM

Sunday, April 10

Woohoo!Piper Warrior II!Today Steffi and I dragged our weary bodies to SYFC HQ early in the morning.Yest nite was 12th Night the play,with of course cute Feste attracting all the attention.

Anyway.We arrived at the gate at 7.45 and waited rather long for everyone to turn up.Then we went to Seletar Airport and exchanged our ics for visitor passes before going back to HQ again.We spent some time flying Piper Warrior simulator again and Sean crashed..den Beber(general manager)chose me,Steffi and the HCI guy to go for the first flight.We excitedly went into the operations room for flight briefing and slacked until our pilot came.We didn't get Beber we got some other guy as our pilot.He was rather friendly though.Den he led the way to another room where we got our earphones and stuff.Steffi was to sit in front.

Followed the pilot on his pre flight checks.So triumoh in the skies ah!So cool.He asked Steffi and I whether we were the daring kind and of course we said yes.So he promised to do stunts!Den he check finish liao we all got into the plane.Feeling anxious now.How would the flight be?!Wat stunts ll he perform!

So aft listening to the rather cool conversation btw pilot and control tower, we were finally cleared for take off.Off we went!We circled the area for a while and the pilot decided to climb.Den he kept a lookout for other aircraft and we spotted Beber's plane.So he attempted to play with Beber(as in catch up with him) but decided to forget it anyway.Suddenly,when we were v high,he decided to show off his stunts.Freefall!Which is vvv like bungee jump!So scary ah but fun.The plane just suddenly fell from the skies,u get it.Den we said we were alrite den he decided to try the wildest and worst freefall.Whoosh!!Steffi let out a rather short(by her standards)scream.I just laughed(I dunno y).I must say the HCI guy looked v calm though.Den we passed by Yishun..saw my hse!Hahas so cool.Aft clombing and descending a while more the pilot decided to show his dunno wat turn.He said normally ppl ll puke aft just one turn,but the ppl in our plane were fine even aft many many turns.So he was so impressed.Said we got bright future as pilots.Heah.Personally I dun tink the turn thing v scary.It gives u the feeling u r heavier dat's all.

So we slacked in the air somemore and I kept looking out for my hse which we managed to see twice!So time for landing..and it was all over.=(

Shiok ah!I wanna experience freefall again,having alr experienced the worst.Muahaha.Flying rocks!

amanda @ 4/10/2005 09:38:00 PM

Thursday, March 17


That was the 1st word that came into my mind this morning.I was at Air Force School,the place which holds many fond memories(and dreadful ones)for me because of the 3 wks spent there last yr on aeromodelling.But today,it gave me more reasons to hate the place.All (no)thanks to one word.Hooga-hooga.


I saw his name on the namelist Leonard was holding as he was taking attendance of the ppl who had arrived.A sense of foreboding.Fear gripped me.I looked at Steffi for comfort.But all she gave me was cold,hard laughter.


Sean,Steffi and I immediately proceeded to the auditorium aft that,in my desperate attempt to avoid HIM.Steffi 'expertly' found 3 seats which were very isolated so only the 3 of us could sit there.I looked fearfully at the door everytime it opened.And rightfully so.


After waiting for sooo long the RSAF career talk finally started.In short,it was quite boring.But that was not the main point.Somewhere in the darkness of the auditorium,Hooga-hooga was lurking.Danger was so near yet so far.

We then proceeded outside to see the weapons the air force use and we got to do some hands-on.Steffi,the reowned screamer,tried to operate one which was a machine to fire at enemy aircraft and what did she do?The expected.

She screamed.

EVERYONE turned to look at her.And laughed.Cold hard laughter.Steffi's face turned red.But she laughed too.It WAS funny.Then it was my turn to operate it and I can say that it was pure fun.Not frightening.Well then again Steffi IS Steffi...

Next we headed for the training room of the cadet pilots.It was so cool!We went to the control tower simulator to watch the assessment of 3 cadet officers.Whoa one of them was so ke lian because he kept getting scolded by the instructor!

Finally it was time for lunch at the bar at Air Force School!That place is so cool as it has lots of games there for the men to sweat it out!The food there simply rocks!Even beta than SYFC Cafe's!So we slacked and slacked and Steffi got to play pool with Leonard b4 we walked to Paya Lebar Airport.

What can I say abt this final destination?Again-COOL!While waiting they screened the extremely lame Terminator 3 for us to watch.And what would Steffi do in such situations?


Once more the ever aa Steffi screams in the auditorium as she was so frightened by the 'machine' suddenly popping out on the screen..I wonder why everyone else was calm and cool though.Hmmm...

At long last-simulator time!What can I say?!This is the ultimate cool thing!F-16 and Skyhawk simulators leh!It's EXACTLY like triumph in the skies!And we got to fly it!Steffi and I thoroughly enjoyed flying the simulator,although we were unfortunately unable to kill the enemy.

Tomorrow!Joyride on Fokker-50 aircraft!Yet it brings more agony too.Hooga-hooga.

What have I been saying?


amanda @ 3/17/2005 09:20:00 PM

Sunday, February 20

halo halo!look below!go c the pic 1st ok?!but i just 4got u gotta noe wat username rite?go ask steffi loh!her album lai de!

heya!dat's me above of course!muahaha.slacking during e wu liao chi comp thingy at nus yest.yest morn i had memorised sooo much chi history dat i dreamt of mao zedong can.argh.

met the boings and sut yee @ khatib mrt at 0715.all...puffy eyed thanks to libai,shandong and of course my 'beloved' onto ah lu's dad's car and mugged all the way to nus.

nus.wat a boring looking place,save for the sports facilities.boredom set in.we went to a place outside some lecture rms to register and get our free shirts.the shirts were huge,like white cloths used in ahem-funerals.even the small size looks xxxl.fine.NO WAY are we going to wear those and be labelled a cheena-fied geek.not dat i'm biased against chinarians in anyway.or so i thot.

in some ulu lecture rm.we were grp no in front loh.den the place was so cold we had to use the ugly shirts in the most practical way-cover ourselves with dem of course.slacked and mugged somemore.ppl are late!glanced at the clock and listened to Perfect 10.whoa "mocking bird" is so 'well' it complements mao and gang..

start.chinarians poured in like the rapids in waterfalls.streaming in like the rivers.the hosts came in.the guy looked strangely cha sao!!!and jisao agreed with me too.dey began to at the speed of machine guns.i could barely catch anything.crap.

so the written exam began.whoa i do noe some of dem!so wrote down the ans happily.coz the 5 of us memorised diff sections of the oh so wonderful history of china we had to cheat to get as many words on the paper as possible.soon it ended.we were relieved.but the horror was abt to was just the calm b4 a storm...

oral part.grps had to get one person to stand up to ans.and frm my tone u can tell dat person was me.sabo-ed by my own sisters!hahas i stood up when it was our turn.damn.other grps' qns were so easy i knew all 5 of dem.but now i noe nuts.chinarians were laughing at us..but at least we got a qn right!nxt rd of oral..we had to choose 3qns of easy,so so and hard.i chose so so 1st.dunno.nxt was easy.noe!10pts!den i chose so so again.wrong move.dunno half the was on lu i care abt him.fine.anyway it's expected we r out.

i can't help but feel infuriated by the chinarians' behaviour.dey were laughing at us wat if we didn't noe the ans?at least we got 61.6/100 for the written exam with just half a day of mugging and the fact dat we come frm s'pore and in steffi's case,being born in usa.wat are the odds of having a usa born student knowing china hist?1/10^60000?at least we got 2000/5000yrs of china's hist rite.haha.

so my fav activity came.LUNCH!hungry and dying fav food too-rice!muahaha!i'm contented.and steffi chan wasted food!thud thud.bu dao de!=)

saw wanling dere!most jcs were dere for the nus sci research prog test.dey were anxious!while we were too.wondered how far ll the malu push we exchanged shoes for fun to destress.den we took pic!it's in steffi's imagestation.go c complete album!

so aft the stupid so called amazing race we could go home!but went to jurong instead.wanted to go kbox but yest was so ex we ate ljs and go poh kim..found my xi yuan lu 1 dere!yay!!!!!!!!!!!!den we went back home and i did hw!so guai..hahas

btw my bro just told me somerset selling epl balls at only 30+!!so cheap!gotta go one day!and yay man u beat everton!i hate man u but i hate everton even more of course,being a pool fan.everton u suck!muahaha!and arsenal so scrappy draw with shef utd!so lan!wonder how my daddy feels now..hahas!oh and highlight(s) of the wk-fa cup clash of newcastle and chelsea!hope chelsea lose!coz i like newcastle esp shearer!n lampard + terry + robben wun be playing anyway.den nxt is liverpool vs chelsea carling cup FINAL!go pool go!win some silverware!not coz of gerrard though.he should leave pool.on one hand it's gd for england and good for pool too.since pool play beta w/o stevie g.and chelsea surely give away joe cole or scott parker and lots of cash so benitez can but more and beta players den cling on to an unloyal gerrard.and he's old biscan pls!

ok gotta slp..byes!support pool!CARLING CUP WILL BE LIVERPOOL'S!hope mellor plays!

amanda @ 2/20/2005 09:35:00 PM

Wednesday, February 16

heya~so long nv update must make use of lab duty time to do so..anyway soccer pe has been going on for 7 wks or so and I hv to say at times it's qt we did heading and chipping the ball.qt fun la.and i added another to my goal tally with a last min half volley goal against 4f peeps today.realized my dribbling has gone frm bad to worst..tink dat it runs in the family=)so gotta wk hard on learning more footy tricks too..getting sick of cruyff(dunno how to spell) turns..

oh syfc open unit sessions hv started alr and to be honest it's qt boring..aft enduring 2wks of repeated theory lessons on flying etc we had to spent the nxt few wks helping juniors build perhaps dis sat's nus chi competition thing is a source of liberation frm epoxy for a wk..

dis sat the boings and sut yee r goung to nus to join dis chi thingy on chi hist,geog,culture,lit etc!save us!

on the brighter side i hv watched 3 diff shows in the meantime-ge shi zhui xiong(to get unstuck in time starring roger kwok and yuck flora chan),mei li zai wang(not just a pretty face otherwise known as GOGOGO starring roger kwok again and joey yung)and tian ya xia yi(the last breakthrough starring ah lu's raymond lam,nick cheung and sonija kwok)!sooo nice!unstuck's plot was v v v gd and dey hv gd taste to get cool Shek Sau to act in it.GOGOGO was so hilarious loh!wat wif roger at his best!NARDO!oso tlb wif a more si wen raymond and spiky haired nick!den sonija looked so auntie inside..hahas.and her daughter in the show sooo cute!!!wongpo oi kiu!

oh ya i alm forgot..4c got to participate in filming for cna's wat women want with diana ser and sharon au!it was qt boring act and it's not as if it's owen or ron watch us on tv!p.s. zoee v funny!

btw owen scored for real within 3min of his arrival on the pitch!11goals liao!pro owen pro!best strikerate in la liga!and he's getting married in june..sigh stuck wif searching for chi hist stuff..sianz and if u got time help me eh!and wish us gd luck!muacks!!

p.s. koonie!where r u?!

amanda @ 2/16/2005 03:05:00 PM

Tuesday, January 25

Alright harlo everyone!I promised to give details on wat Ah Ray talked abt so here goes..
Some fan:Can u tell us more abt Kenya(where he filmed The Last Breakthrough)?
Fung:Ok..the weather dere is v hot and I did not even sweat at all coz b4 I could sweat the heat alr caused it to evaporate..oh and in kenya,the wild animals would come out at night so we alw tried our best to wrap up filming by the time it gets dark.However,we stopped filming rather late one night so aft we got onto the bus and started to head back to the hotel a wild lion appeared in the middle of the road.We were so excited but we had to draw all the curtains to avoid attracting the lion's attention.Then the driver drove faster and faster so we had to ask him to slow down in order to take a photograph of the lion.
Some fan:Which actor/actress do u hv the most chemistry with?
Fung:I would say Tavia..both of us hv abt the same style of acting u see..
Some fan:Can u talk abt ur partnership wif Michelle(ye xuan)etc?
Fung:She was ok..but I dun tink TVB will pair us tgt again coz we hv diff directions in acting..Charmaine(Sheh)is older than me so it was a bit weird but she still has a baby face,so I guess it's ok,while Sonjia(Kwok)is my senior,so it's v funny to be acting tgt as a romantic couple!(laughs)
Some fan:Can u talk abt Ah Ron?(Oh my god one of the ppl I like!)
Fung:I alw go to Ah Ron's hse wif my dog and Ah Ron zai breeds cats..since my dog is v curious it is alw chasing Ron's cats!I can't keep cats coz I ll only bully cats but Ron is v he alw gets bullied by his cats..
Some fan:Can u talk abt Twin of Brothers(da tang shuang long zhuan)?
Fung:Oh..abt my leg injury..I was filming dis scene where I'm supposed to be holding dis knife and for some reason the producer gave me a real one!So I cut myself and blood was gushing out.The doc asked me to stitch it up but I dun trust the docs in China..hahas so I told him I would just place a bandage over it.However the nxt day it was bleeding profusely again,so I had to go to the hospital.I entered a rm which has nth,absolutely nth except for a metal bed which looks like those to place bodies.Then the doc came in wif a huge needle looking like a fish hook.The pain was unbearable.
(He said sth abt the script too but I dun rem..)
Anw I only rem till here..ll add on if I rem more k..for those who hv not read my encounter wif Ah Ray,look below.Tahnk u and rem to TAGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

amanda @ 1/25/2005 04:06:00 PM

Sunday, January 23

Hihi!I feel so happy ah!If u dun alr noe why let me tell u.It's all coz of 2 words-Raymond Lam!On Friday,I woke up at ard 6am due to my excitement but den I managed to get back to sleep again till abt 7 30.Soon it was time to get up and take my TVB calendar off the wall in preparation for it to come home wif sth extra-the coveted signature of Ah Ray-oso known as Ah fung!Well for the benefit of those who still dunno who he is,his chinese name is lin feng?Sounds familiar?Come on the guy in zai shen yuan(Eternal Happiness)!And those who hv cable tv,Ah Ben in lu zheng xin ren wang(Survivor's Law)!And for those who alw rent HK dramas-Ah Ken in The Last Breakthrough!Ok u shld noe by now who he is(if u still dunno,I will post the pic of fung and me on this blog sometime soon..So..back to my story..

At ard 915am I met ah lu and we both headed for Clarke Quay mrt where we were supposed to wait for the ppl in charge!Jisao came soon aft.So we waited as more ppl turned up wif excited faces-some aunties too(my mom guessed it rite again).Now dis is just a private Raymond gathering which only abt 30ppl can confirm can take pic wif ah Ray and everything..unlike previous go-airport-to-fetch-stars hectic and often unsuccessful encounters.As soon as most of the ppl arrived we headed for a cozy looking restaurant just across the street.Not dat ah lu and I were unfamiliar wif the place though.Our law firm internship thing was just a couple of streets away,at Carpenter St!Hahas..

Reached restaurant and took our seats which was like a circle.Noticed 2 wine glasses on the table and thot of Ah Ray drinking wine.Den we went to pay $ and get our name tags-which was when I realized ah lu and jisao were in orange grp and I'm in the pink grp!!Freaked out and panicked a little but den found out dat it's just the order of getting autographs and dat pink ll go 1st!MUAHAHA!Aft dat we slacked and talk crap and I sms-ed Sammi to tell her abt it.She seemed qt jealous so I'm qt happy.Haha I'm evil.Was told Ah Ray ll come at 1045 but dere was no sign of him till 1115.

Squeals of "He's here!" brought all our attention downstairs.There,flanked by a few female fans by his side,was a shuai,cute and cool guy by the name of Raymond Lam Fung wearing his black and white trucker cap,nice long jeans,white shirt dat was alm completely covered by his black adidas jacket and of course-his trademark holiday shoes-the funny looking green and yellow adidas ones(reason for noeing so much abt Ray is due to long term exposure to Raymond crazy Tai Liwei aka Ah lu).Den he came up and sat down on the sofa of course and said sth like "wow dis feels like a students' gathering."Hahas..we were now less den a metre away frm him as he looked at all of us in his usual cute manner.He den said dat he was tired and sick and not as hyper and asked us to forgive him-which of course we did.He oso apologized for being late but I was dere tinking-Lol nvm!I was soooo nervous alr.As Ray started talking the cameras evrywhere started snapping.Ah lu slid off her seat for a beta look while jisao and I were holding on to his every word.Den we played the pass-the-parcel game which all the qns were v easy-like 1.Name 3 shows Raymond acted in and the characters' names 2.He come to S'pore to film wat show-for god's sake who doesn't noe it's yummy yummy?!-I was hoping dat I wun get it but at the same time I wanna get coz he ll give us choco..den he started eating his food and talking to us abt everything(ll give more details at ltr date).Soon it's auto and photo graph time!I queued and finally got to him and he smiled at me!I asked him to sign the back of my student diary and he said"tang ran ke yi!"Den he asked me for my name(he failed to notice my name tag)den I told him amanda den he saw my name tag and he laughed coz he thot he looked stupid.Hahas..den take pic wif him!He held my waist and I felt his warmth!Okok..Aft jisao and ah lu all got wat dey wanted jisao and I went to sit on the sofa Ray sat..den I bravely stole his water bottle!Aft the entire thing ended we went to mrt station and drank the water Ray drank!Hahas..obsessed ppl..fine.Now I'm waiting for the pics!Hurry!

amanda @ 1/23/2005 09:57:00 PM

Friday, January 14

Yipee!Tmr's the start of SYFC's Open Unit!I just can't wait!More flying,tanning,epoxy-ing,gossiping and laughing with Steffi,Sean,Zhaorong,Chris etc!

Ok I will make this short.Also tmr's Liverpool vs Man Utd day!Ah Lu's mother has allowed me to go her hse to watch it live!Morientes and Pellegrino are the new players!I tink Man Utd will die lo.Morientes-the excellent striker and last season's Champion's League top scorer-making his debut!It's so ironic coz Real Madrid snatched Liverpool's Owen and now Pool has captured Madrid's Morientes!Well tmr I can see Riise and Mellor again!But I reli miss Owen.And he's getting married to childhood sweetheart Louise Bonsall in June!When Gemma will be two!Yipee!!!!!!!

Oh well,I wanna watch tv now!Ah nian!

amanda @ 1/14/2005 07:42:00 PM

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